Polilogue is a weekly dialogue on the substance and style of the Sunday morning political shows. It’s a podcast where we try to capture the magic of the perfect Sunday brunch: a conversation of ideas, reflection, and constructive criticism. 


Sunday morning political shows are American institutions in their own right. They bring together politicians, policymakers, stakeholders, journalists, and pundits to analyze and reflect on the state of American politics. They comment on the previous week and can set a tone for the upcoming one. These shows are crucial players in defining the national political dialogue. Legislation is vetted on the Sunday morning talk shows. Politicians explain their stances and try to convince colleagues and the public to take their course of action…or inaction. Candidates schmooze and show off their chops. There simply is no American politics without the Sunday morning political shows. 

We look at all sides of the Sunday morning talk shows. We discuss guest performances, the style and quality of questions by the hosts, and the overall usefulness of roundtable discussions. While our household may lean in one direction (in!), for us good conversation is king every week. Polilogue is our attempt to find, praise, and demand useful political dialogue.

Polilogue comes out every Monday morning. You can listen to the latest episode by streaming right here on this website, or you can subscribe in iTunes or wherever you happen to get your podcasts. 

If you’d like to contact us for feedback, thoughts or ideas on the show, you can email us at podcast@polilogue.com. Thanks for listening!