Episode 70: A Different Kind of Sunday

We’re back after two days at Politicon! It was great to meet listeners and other people as interested in political dialogue as we are. After of making the show for over a year, it was awesome to have more civil political discourse in-person with strangers.

One of the most common questions we heard were:

  • “Why don’t you include Fox News Sunday?”


  • “Why isn’t Fareed Zakaria GPS on your list?”

There’s a couple of reasons for that:

  1. Sheer capacity limits! We’re a two person team. We do all the research, prep, recording, and editing ourselves! It’s unlikely we would be able to get this show out on Monday mornings if we added additional shows.

  2. When we started Polilogue, Meet the Press, This Week, State of the Union, and Face the Nation were the shows we knew best. We felt we could fairly summarize and critique the performances because we knew the shows so well.

But we recognize that tons of people watch other Sunday talk shows. So for this special Politicon weekend, we decided to take their advice. This week we look at Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and Fareed Zakaria GPS… and see how their approach compares with the Sunday shows we know.

Also, don’t forget to catch our special in-between episode on Thursday where we’ll release our full Politicon recap.

As always, you can always jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction

  • Politicon Report

  • Impressions of Fox and Fareed

  • Fox News Sunday

  • Fareed Kazaria GPS

  • Dialogue Challenge

  • Closing

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