Episode 78: Broadcast News Special

This week we have a very special episode of Polilogue.  A review of the movie Broadcast News

Broadcast News is about the people who create a daily political news show.  The film was written and directed by James Brooks and inspired by the real-life CBS producer, Susan Zirinsky. The show stars Holly Hunter as Jane Craig—a driven and passionate producer— and how she works and interacts with two co-workers with very different ambitions and priorities.

Broadcast News is a film that explores the life of journalists, and it’s a film that asks that asks us what kind of journalism matters— in other words, a perfect film for a Polilogue discussion. 

And as always, you can jump to a certain discussion in today’s episode:

  • Introduction

  • The Story

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • The Characters

  • The Journalism

  • Today’s Version of the Story

  • Grading the Film

  • For Sunday Show Moderators

  • Closing

For other links about the film:

Naomi Soto