Episode 59: A New-ish Trump Legal Defense

We get a break from Rudy Guiliani’s nonsensical responses and hear instead from President Trump’s other attorney: Jay Sekulow. In the Sekulow interview on This Week, we see George Stephanopoulos summarize and frame the numerous White House explanatory pivots about Russia’s 2016 election meddling. But most importantly, Stephanopoulos interrogates Sekulow in a way that is firm and fair, so that the veracity of what Sekelow says is left up to the audience to decipher. 

We also hear from governors across the country on their igniting their respective bases for the upcoming midterm elections-- which is fewer than 100 days away.

As always, our show chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • Trump’s legal quagmire 
  • Midterm momentum
  • Closing
Naomi Soto