Episode 90: Chuck Todd and John Reiss Interview

For this episode, we flew to Washington, DC to sit down with Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, and John Reiss, the Executive Producer of the show for an in-depth interview.  We talk about the Meet the Press brand, the place of the Sunday shows in our new media landscape, how they choose what to cover, who to book, how to question and how they frame the news of the week.  It was a privilege to be invited to the show and we thank Chuck and John for their time and the entire Meet the Press and NBC News team for welcoming us during a busy news week!     

We are firm believers that the Sunday shows influence and shape the news for the entire week. Conversations like this are exactly what we had in mind when we first dreamed up Polilogue. And we’re so thrilled to share this with you—and hope to have more conversations like it in the future.  

Each week on the Polilogue podcast, we discuss the Sunday morning political shows.  We take a critical look at the policy maker, the politician, and the journalist because each is critical and each demands criticism.  To learn more about the Polilogue podcast, visit www.Polilogue.com

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Meet the Press photo with Chuck Todd and John Reiss
Naomi Soto