Episode 95: Mueller Investigation Concludes

After almost two years, Robert Mueller concluded his investigation. With the support of 19 attorneys and 40 FBI agents, Mueller issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained 230 orders for communication records, and interviewed 500 witnesses. 

The country has waited for months for proof and assurance that the President is legitimate or a liar.  

Today on Polilogue, we look at the the unique predicament of the Sunday morning political shows: the Mueller investigation over, the findings still unknown, and somehow they had to create an hour-long show that was informative about unknown news. 

  • Introduction

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • Barr Summarizes Findings 

  • Show Objectives

  • Release the Report

  • “No Collusion!” 

  • What’s Next

  • Being a Savvy Media Consumer

  • Show Rankings

  • Closing

The shows we focus on include:

For more reading on the Barr summary:

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