Episode 100: News Themes

In this Special Edition to mark our 100th episode, we ask: what is the responsibility of the news consumer?  How can we increase our understanding of important topics and cut through the noise to get a sense of what the news really means?  We organize our thinking around six general themes (and a 7th that we list here and discuss later in the episode):  

  1. Context

  2. Comparisons

  3. Primary Sources

  4. History

  5. Mechanisms

  6. Questions 

  7. Voices

Then, we examine where hosts Naomi and Brendan get their news.  We share tips and recommendations on everything from newsletters to podcasts.  Oh—and we fail to say that of course you should support at least one newspaper if you can!  We’ve subscribed to four in the last few years (now cut to two)—but we find it incredibly important to pay for the great work of hard-working journalists who depend on subscribers as well as eyeballs.  

Next week, we’ll be back with our regularly-scheduled look at the Sunday Morning political shows.  Thanks for listening! 

By the way, when it comes to context, this video by The Washington Post on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments was incredibly helpful in sourcing audio: https://youtu.be/zWFnkNX9m2E 

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Naomi Soto