Episode 107: George Experiences the Trump White House

President Trump does not often sit down for long television interviews. This is interesting considering Trump is a man obsessed with the news and who also has an uncanny ability to determine (or distract) the media’s attention. This week, however, George Stephanopoulos observed, interacted, and interviewed President Trump for 30 hours. 

Many comments from that interview made news — like President Trump would be receptive to help from a foreign government during the 2020 election (this is illegal); he thinks he answered written questions on obstruction to Bob Mueller (he didn’t); Trump repeatedly stated the Mueller report says there were was no collusion (Mueller specifically did not say this); and Trump cannot handle people coughing around him (is Mulvaney on his way out?!).

In this episode of Polilogue, we also look at how Washington is responding to this interview and how the globe is reacting to the escalated tensions between the US and Iran.  We also discuss messaging strategies by 2020 candidates, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders.


  • Introduction

  • Highlight / Lowlight

  • 30 Hours With President Trump 

  • Washington Responds to Trump

  • Iran Tension Escalates

  • Buttigieg’s Vision for the Future 

  • Sanders Socialism Talk  

  • Show Rankings

  • Listener Feedback

  • Closing

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