Episode 111: Trump’s Trip and Biden’s Tripping

President Trump headed to Asia this week to attend the G-20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. Afterward, he made a pit-stop in South Korea and convinced his pal Kim Jung Un to stop by and say hi. The two made news when President Trump crossed over the demilitarized zone and stepped foot into North Korea— becoming the first sitting US president to do so. Beyond the newsy spectacle, it is still unclear if the US and North Korea will ever reach an agreement on denuclearization. 

In today’s episode of Polilogue, we explore if and how the shows tried to explain this unique moment in diplomacy. We also reviewed the debate recaps across the shows. 


  • Introduction

  • Highlight / Lowlight

  • Chuck Trump Goes to Asia

  • Debating the Democratic Debate

  • Show Rankings

  • Closing

Shows discussed 

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