Episode 74: Midterm Election Debrief

Congressman Adam Schiff said the Democratic Party needs to “ruthlessly prioritize” investigations to achieve their legislative priorities on the latest episode of Meet the Press.

Well the same could be said for the Sunday political shows.

In a news-dense week, the shows had to decide from the following big stories: a historic midterm election, where Democrats won control of the House; a Florida recount; an uncalled Senate race in Arizona; lawsuits in Georgia for the gubernatorial seat; the forced-resignation of Jeff Sessions; backlash over the interim Attorney General; another mass shooting that left 12 dead in Thousand Oaks, CA; three deadly and brutal California wildfires; Trump attacks on black female journalists; and Europe distancing themselves from Trump—again. 

The shows couldn’t talk about everything— and neither could we. But each of these stories are hugely important and we implore our listeners to make room for dialogue that goes beyond the biggest headlines. 

Today’s episode has three segments: 1.) the Democrats’ incoming strategy; 2.) Republican fight for Arizona, Florida, and Georgia; and 3.) the new interim Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. 

As always, you can jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • Democrats control the House

  • Republicans call foul(s)! 

  • Goodbye Jeff Sessions 

  • Show rankings 

  • Closing

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