Episode 75: McConnell Has No Sunday Friends

Every week, each host on the Sunday news shows makes dozens of decisions: who to book, what topics to focus on, how to prep, how aggressive to be, and on and on. Most weeks the pertinent topics are consistent across the shows, and so the differences from one show to the next is about journalistic style— not about a question about what matters and what does not.

Today was not one of those weeks.

There was variance across the shows at every decision point. Some shows had full segments on the California wildfires, others relegated the natural disaster to a couple of minutes on their political panel, and one did not even talk about it all. Some hosts asked follow up questions of policy substance. Other focused on rhetoric and style.

In a time when there is so much news that it can feel close to impossible to keep up, we ask each other: whose journalistic judgment do you trust?

As always, you can jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • This Week’s Raddatz Shines

  • Jake Tapper Pursues Rhetorical Truth

  • Brennan Presses Rand for Action

  • Todd and Graham Converse on McConnell 

  • Show rankings 

  • Closing

The shows we discuss today include:

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