Episode 76: A Sneak Peak at 2020 Strategies

The midterms were almost 2 weeks ago, so it it official yet? Have the 2020 campaigns for president started?

Usually our answer is No. Please no. Is it really necessary to go for one election straight to the next? Can we work on governing at all?

But this week we heard from several potential presidential candidates with very different strategies and tactics. We are 2 years out. Many of these strategies will evolve. But even still, it’s fascinating to see political leaders testing messaging and seeing what sticks.

As always, you can jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • 2020 campaign messaging

  • Trump fails to drown climate report

  • Show rankings 

  • Closing

The shows we discuss today include:

Reports and articles prominently discussed include:

  • Molly Ball’s profile on Nancy Pelosi in Time Magazine

  • Climate change report by 13 federal government agencies (Fourth National Climate Assessment - Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States)

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