Episode 45: What’s next for North Korea?

After the truly historic meeting with South Korea President Moon Jae-in and North Korea president Kim Jong Un last week, the tone of negotiations on the peninsula feels starkly different. The White House is even cautiously optimistic that President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un could finally change the relationship between the two countries. 

This week on Polilogue we explore the narrative beneath this conversation. What is the American strategy? Who gets credit if North Korea finally gives up it nuclear weapons? Who gets the blame if North Korea doesn’t? 

In our other segments, we found several praiseworthy moments in James Comey’s interview on Meet the Press— and we also found frustrating moments whenever journalists discussed the White House Correspondent dinner.

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • North Korea negotiations 
  • A surprising Comey interview 
  • Journalists don't get the joke 
  • Rankings
  • Closing

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