Episode 46: Legal Explanations, Presidential Deceit

After a series of explosive television appearances by President Trump’s new attorney, Rudy Guiliani, the White House struggles to maintain credibility and integrity. There seems to be a  giant gap between Trump’s legal team and those that represent the White House— neither knows how to explain the other. This was most evident in three distinct interviews on the Sunday Morning talk shows. 

First, George Stephanopoulos dissects Guiliani’s arguments on This Week. Guiliani tries to wiggle his away from the truth— but George holds him accountable and demands clarity. Later, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway is interviewed by Jake Tapper on State of the Union and Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation. The two journalists take very different approaches when examining President Trump’s missteps and mistruths.

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • Guiliani’s Rumors, George’s Facts 
  • Comparing Kellyanne Interviews
  • Rankings
  • Closing

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Naomi Soto