Episode 51: Fighting Allies, Friending Foes

On the eve of the historic North Korea summit, President Trump had someone else in his crosshairs: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  On a series of appearances this Sunday, Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow turned the rhetoric up to ten—grilling Canada while striking a conciliatory tone with Russia and holding out hope for negotiations with North Korea's Kim Jung Un.  

It was a striking stance—and we cover it all on this week's episode of Polilogue.  First, we examine the fallout from Trump's disastrous G7 meeting—and all of the finger-pointing and name calling from Kudlow.  Then, we follow the lead of ABC News and record our second segment directly from Singapore...well, not really.  But our hearts (and hopes) are there!  

  • Introduction
  • Highlight/Lowlight
  • Trump Goes to War...with Canada
  • On the Eve of the North Korea Summit
  • Show Rankings
  • Closing

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