Episode 62: In Remembrance of John McCain

On Saturday, August 25, 2018 four days before his 82nd birthday: Senator John McCain passed away. McCain was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer a year ago— but he had shared his fighting spirit with all Americans long before then. He was nicknamed The Maverick, because he bucked norms and expectations throughout his public service. As a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, he refused to be released before other POWs were released; in his bid for the presidency in 2000 and 2008, he ran blunt and straightforward campaigns; and for 20+ years, he was an Arizona senator who demanded compromise and civil discourse, even when his party didn't. 

John McCain wasn’t a perfect man. He made mistakes. He had a temper. But he would apologize and he would collaborate with the the most unlikely colleagues. On this episode of Polilogue, we look at McCain's long life of public service — and say thank you. 

As always, you can always jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction
  • John McCain in his own words 
  • Stories and reflections of McCain
  • McCain’s legacy lives on
  • Trump’s legal woes worsen 
  • Not show rankings 
  • Closing

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Naomi Soto