Episode 88: Scandals from Bezos to Virginia

On today’s episode of Polilogue we talk about the explosive allegations from Jeff Bezos that American Media tried to exploit and blackmail him. American Media is the same company that owns the National Enquirer and has a special agreement with the Southern District of New York to cooperate in Trump investigations. 

We also talk about the three scandals hitting Virginia at the same time. Governor Ralph Northam bungles blackface allegation. Two women accuse Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax of sexual assault. And Attorney General confesses to his own participation of blackface when he was in college. Now the state must decide try to figure out who can heal the commonwealth and move it forward. 

As always, you can jump to a section of the show by using our available chapters:

  • Introduction

  • Highlight/Lowlight

  • Bezos exposes AMI  

  • Virginia Officials Embarrass State 

  • Avoiding the Next Shutdown

  • Show rankings 

  • Closing

The shows we discuss today include:

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