Episode 102: Trade War with China Escalates

Last Friday President Trump increased tariffs on certain Chinese products from 10 percent to to 25 percent.

This latest escalation in the trade war with Chinese has economists, Democrats, and Republicans alike wary of the end impact Americans may face. Despite the regression in negotiations, President Trump remains optimistic that he will be able to come to an agreement with China.

In the latest episode of Fox News Sunday,  Chris Wallace interviews Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow. Kudlow makes news by acknowledging the reality that Trump seems to ignore: that tariffs increase the prices American consumers pay and lowers the Chinese GDP at the same time. 

We also explore an extensive interview with Kamala Harris on CNN’s State of the Union. 


  • Introduction 

  • Highlight / Lowlight 

  • Tariffs Impact American Consumers 

  • Trump’s Foreign Headaches

  • Kamala Harris Builds Her Case 

  • Rankings 

  • Closing 

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We leaned on the following two articles and studies to understand the Chinese trade war:

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