Episode 101B: Pompeo Fails to Instill Confidence

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North Korea resumed missile testing. Unrest continues in Venezuela. Russia refutes election meddling. 

This week, the Trump administration struggled to maintain their composure and strong messaging on several foreign diplomacy fronts. In the latest episode of Polilogue, we explore how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to valid and fair questions on Fox News Sunday and This Week. 

We also examine four interviews with 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.


  • Introduction 

  • Lowlight - Panels All Miss the Mark

  • Highlight - Melinda Gates Splits the Work

  • Highlight - Congressman David Cicilline Maintains Composure

  • Pompeo Remains Optimistic?

  • Four 2020 Candidates Make the Case

  • Rankings 

  • Closing 

Helpful links

We leaned on the following two Vox articles to understand Venezuela:

And to break down the 1982 decree, this article on Politico was helpful.

Shows discussed

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