Episode 113: Detention Centers, Raids, and Racism

On the Sunday talk shows, several Trump administration officials went on to defend the conditions of the detainment centers. Their defense comes a few days after Vice President Mike Pence visited the detention centers with Republican senators. In that visit, several journalists were also able to go in, take photos and videos, and speak to the detainees for a few minutes. Many had been in the cages for 40+ days. There was not enough room for all men to lay down at once. There were no cots. Some slept on cement floors. The photos and videos of those centers have forced the Trump administration to more explicitly explain conditions that seem indefensible.

We also discuss the Democratic infighting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several freshmen Congresswomen and explore how the media could elevate the conversation overall.


  • Introduction

  • Highlight / Lowlight

  • Migration Detention Centers and ICE Raids

  • Democratic Infighting

  • Show Rankings

  • Closing

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