Episode 114: Mike Wallace is Here with Avi Belkin

Today, we bring you a special episode weeks in the making. We sit down with Avi Belkin, director of the new documentary Mike Wallace is Here about the career of the historic broadcast journalist.

Political journalism is having a moment. Some people may avoid the news or have skepticism about the news, but a significant portion of the population is watching more news than ever. They are turning to new voices and new formats; the are listening to podcasts (thanks for that!) and they are refreshing Twitter. People are considering— and reconsidering— who to listen to and what to trust.

These changes in the media landscape feel like a lot — but it’s not the first time there’s been mass changes. There are a handful of journalists and innovators who have been key to the changes of their time. Think: William Randolph Hearst. Ida Tarbell. Ida B. Wells. Edward R. Murrow. Or Walter Cronkite.

Mike Wallace is surely one of those innovators. Known for his hard questions and aggressive style, Mike Wallace took the one-on-one interview and made it a verbal boxing match.

In this episode, we talk with Director Avi Belkin about his new documentary on Wallace, opening nationwide this Friday. We discuss the process of making the documentary and everything he learned about Mike Wallace. We also explore how looking back might give us some insight about what to expect from the journalism we see today — and what we should demand in the future.

Check out Mike Wallace is Here on Friday, July 26 in a theater near you.

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  • Introduction

  • “Mike Wallace is Here” Review

  • Interview with Director Avi Belkin

  • Show Closing

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